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The Internet Marketing For Newbies Success Series Vol.1 ... REVISED!

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From the desk of well known
Internet Marketing consultant
Mike Merz (Owner - Internet Marketing For Newbies LLC)
Thursday June 2nd 2003 8:30 A.M.

My years as an Online Marketing consultant, specializing in helping newbies launch successful campaigns, has allowed me access to an incredible amount of information.

And now you can benefit from the 1,000's of hours of research I've had to log, the countless programs I've purchased and tested, and the numerous "arms I've had to twist", to put together the following set of top notch courses, carefully assembled to work synergistically, allowing you to build a solid foundation in your quest for Online success.

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Alpha Del Bosque's "How To Create Killer Mini Sites That Sell Like Crazy!"

I know, I know. You've seen this top notch course all over the place. But what you must realize is that I'm not going to give you the "reseller" package, or the "custom" package that everyone else is bundling, or even giving away ...

This is the FULL MASTER RIGHTS version! You know, the one that sells for almost $250.00 ..;) You'll basically own this program! See a screenshot ...

Plus ...

Gary Sharkey's Secrets, featuring super affiliate Brian Garvin, complete with resell rights, a $29.95 value. Learn all the tricks that Brian has used to become one of the most successful affiliate program marketers on the planet! See a screenshot ...

Wait, I'm not done yet!

Jim Daniels' Internet Email! Beyond The Basics will help you take your email marketing campaigns to the next level ... and beyond! This course is sold by Jim on his site for $16.95 (and well worth it ..;), but I have a special agreement with Jim, allowing me to offer it to you as part of the package. See a screenshot ...

... and there's STILL more!

Marlon Sanders' brand spankin' new "How I Sell Thousands of Products ...", which is selling for $19.95 everywhere else ... but not here! See a screenshot ...

It's just another valuable part of the IM4NSSV1.

Well, there you have it.

Four valuable e-courses, from 4 of the Net's most respected Internet Marketers, made available to you by me for the unbelievable low price of only $99.95* ...

No, that's not a typo! ..;)

$316.80 worth (that's what you'd pay RIGHT NOW, if you went to the respected authors' sites ...) of top notch material for only $99.95*!

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Successfully yours,
Mike Merz
Internet Marketing For Newbies
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What more could I possibly offer you?

How about 5 6 more bonus ebooks, each one authored by a leader in their respective field, and FULLY BRANDABLE with your affiliate links so you can derive residual income from them for years to come!

You'll have your own virtual Internet marketing library, for Pete's sake!

PLUS ... a free subscription to Top 5 Internet Marketing News, featuring free advice, the latest program releases, free downloads, and much, much more!

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*Special Time sensitive announcement!

To celebrate the revision of IM4NSSV1, I'm going to slash the price to a cut to the bare bone $49.95, a savings of $50 off the regular price, a whopping $266.85 savings if you were to buy the same programs from the respected authors' selling pages.

I can't predict how long this price will last!

If you come back tomorrow, and it's back to $99.95, you'll only have yourself to blame!

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You say you've got everything you could possibly need to make it Online, but have nothing to sell?

Oh, come on! I'm ALREADY losing my shirt, as it is!

Okay ... okay ... but I don't know how you can expect me to make any money doing this.

... but here goes nothing!


Order today, and I'll include Tom Hua's FreeToSell Version 6, updated in April 2002! Here's what you get ...

FreeToSell.com started it all. It's the original and still the best. Don't just sell eBooks. Sell quality eBooks! Your FreeToSell package includes 56 carefully selected top quality info products plus the ultimate eLibrary to cover the most extensive range (6,000+). FreeToSell has been Recommended by ClickBank so you know you can trust what we offer.



FreeToSell goes for $49.97 on Tom's site ...

That means this total package is worth $366.77 ... you pay just $49.95 $39.95 if you act NOW!

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This offer comes with our "love it or shove it", 100% money back guarantee (you have absolutely NOTHING to lose!).


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I'm Ready To Take My Online Campaigns To The Next Level!

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